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March 25th at 11:00am against WVU

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   DETROIT - There's finally a communication tool to link collegiate club lacrosse players who compete in the Women's Collegiate Lacrosse Associates (WCLA) across the country.
   The WCLA spring lax season is just weeks away, but the WCLA's first national inter-active website was launched in early December to try and bridge the gap between California and New York, said members of the WCLA national board.
   "We now have a website that can keep our players, coaches and even our fans up-to-date on the latest happenings in and around the WCLA," said Glen Schurtleff, the WCLA national board chairman. "We think launching this new league site will give us a real communication advantage for those interested in keeping track of our activities."
   Schurtleff said the site will include game schedules, rosters, player stats, feature stories and posted and live video. He said that teams without a web presence can now tap into this medium.
   "We have a large number of teams who don't have websites and we think this will give value to our programs, the league and the WCLA," he said.
   The biggest concern for WCLA officials is getting the word out that the new league site is the lone communication tool to link nine regional leagues together across the continental United States.
   "You have to know that our teams must provide the basics like rosters, schedules, contact information and game locations," said Greg Normand, the WCLA's communication chair. "But please understand that's just the baseline. This website, if we use it right, can track stats for the national recognition committees, the website will make it easier at the end of the year to track teams who might qualify for the WCLA's national championships, but more importantly, we now have a venue to talk to all of the players nationwide in one place."
   Normand said it will take the national committee a few weeks to work out the bugs of the new site, but expects to see the website fully functional by January 1, 2015.
   "Please be patient and if you have a specific problem, please contact  me as quickly as possible so we can make sure everything is right. I hope it takes less time to fix our sight that it did the Affordable Care Act site," Normand said laughing. Normand can be reached by email The new site address is

UPDATE: TWLL Championship Schedule Changes

04/17/2015, 12:00am EDT
By Ali Killian

UPDATE: TWLL Championship Schedule Changes

UPDATE: The schedule for Saturday's TWLL Championship Tournament has changed. Please see the updated times above.

Ohio University Women's Lacrosse

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